Local Rules


  1. No unauthorised person shall reprimand any servant of the club
  2. All business related matters of the Golf Club must be put in writting for the Secretary's attention. Members of the Golf Executive should not be approched whilst on the course unless in extreme circumstances.
  3. All members must display their Membership Disc and current year sticker prominently on their golf bags. Membership cards must also be carried as proof of identification. A Golf Executive Member, Green Keeper staff or other authorised persons may approach members at any time during a game for proof of membership.
  4. The course may be closed on any day or part of a day, fixed by the Head Green Keeper or Green Staff. Written notice of this shall be placed at a suitable point. The Golf Executive reserve the right to close the first tee at varying times to accommodate Visiting Parties.
  5. The course shall be closed during the ballot for any club competition unless authorised otherwise by the Golf Executive. Players in Club Match-play competitions shall have alternative places with non-competitors on the first tee; subject to all existing restrictions.
  6. Before placing a ball in the "Ball shute" all members of a match must be present within the 1st tee area. Three and Fourball matches may be played on any day.
  7. No TWO or MORE players are allowed on the Golf Course with one bag of clubs.
  8. Lady, Junior and Juvenile Members must play from the tees provided at all times, unless permission has been granted by the Golf Executive for alternatives.
  9. Subscriptions Members must pay their Subscription instalments by the due dates. A further five working days after the due date will be permitted on payment of a £40 fine. Postal subscriptions must be recieved by the due date.
  10. Resignation Members wishing to resign their Membership are asked to do so in writing to the Secretary 14 (fourteen) days prior to the date of the subscription notification.


  • All members must ensure that they do not play unless it is clear to do so.
  • If there is the slightest possibility of endangering other players, members MUST wait until it is safe to play their shot.
  • If a ball is played towards a player or group of players the recognised shout of 'FORE' must be used in order to give these players time to take evasive action.