Captains Message


Captains Message


As the start of the season will be upon us shortly I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the club for their hard work over the winter. Special mention to Willie and his staff for the hard hours spent digging ditches to allow the course to drain. The wettest winter for a long time has seen the course become waterlogged in many areas. Experts tell us this is not a trend; it is likely to be the norm for the foreseeable future. So it is not only essential now to address the drainage issues, it will be one of the main focuses of future winter programmes.


As you will be aware at times last year we have operated with fewer greens staff than we would like. We have a seasonal worker starting this year along with an ex green staffer who will help out when he can. To aid the greens staff and allow them to concentrate on other duties, we will be introducing a look after a green and tee initative this season. Everyone will be allocated a hole by surname and the aim is to ensure greens are pitch mark free and that all tees are removed from teeing areas. The hole judged the best will have their names entered in to a draw for a 4 ball at West Linton. The holes which you have been allocated will be posted on the notice boards in the club and the locker room.


The Bar is an integral of our club, and whilst Martin has had some staffing issues in his first year and has not always opened during the winter, I’d like to politely encourage everyone to pop in after their round if possible. I’m aware of the financial situation we all face in the current climate, but popping in for a drink and or a bite to eat would go along way to ensuring the bar flourishes and helps bring the old Saturday afternoon atmosphere back to the club.


Thanks to Anne Walker the outgoing ladies Captain for all she has done in the last year. Welcome Dawn Anderson the new ladies Captain, I wish you a happy and successful year.


Any new members who have joined since September last year are invited to a new members meeting on Sunday 17th March in the Bailey Lounge at 14:30. Come along if you have any questions, the Match Secretary will also be in attendance.


Lastly I’d like to wish all our teams the best of luck for a successful season, and all our members an enjoyable and successful year.

Happy golfing.


David Dunsmuir Club Captain