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Rules Reminder


All players and guests must be booked onto the booking system.

Players must check in with the pro shop prior to playing.

Everyone must start at the 1st Hole, unless permission is given by the pro shop.

Permission to start from the 9th tee will only be granted if the course set up has been completed by the greens staff, and starting at the 9th will not impact on players already on the course.

4 balls are the maximum allowed on the course.

The practice area adjacent to the 2nd hole is closed until further notice.

Can all members please respect these club rules. If you have any issues, or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Board


Mats/launchers must be used at all times from the fairway and first cut of rough. If in doubt use your mat. No use of tees allowed other than from the designated teeing area. Offenders will be asked to leave the course immediately and may face a suspension. Apologies for having to repeat these winter rules, however there is evidence of fresh divots on some fairways and winter greens.

Below are images of winter wheels which are permitted on the course. These are designed to allow any debris/mud that may be picked up to either drop off or fall through the wheels. Homemade substitutes observed recently do not allow this and will not be allowed on the course from Monday 13th November.