Winter Rules abuse!


The winter rules have been in place for almost 2 month now. The high majority of members are following the rules, but recently a number of fresh divots have been found on fairways.

It is selfish and disrespectful not following the rules. Any member from today not following the rules below. 

Will be suspended with immediate affect!!

Please respect your Golf course and Greenstaff!! 


Winter Rules 2021/22

As of Wednesday 3rd November 2021 Winter Rules are applied.


Option 1 – The ball must be taken into the rough (nearest Side) and hit from the rough or a tee. No Play from fairways!!!


Option 2 – You may play from the fairway if you have a Smart Mat which must be used with all shots to protect the fairway.

No play from inside the white lined area in front of the greens

(Unless you are putting)

**Please note use of buggies will be assessed daily**