Match play competitions important !!


                       CLUB MATCHPLAY TIES                     

All matches must be played by the specified date*.


All gents matches are to be played off White Tee Markers and honour on the 1st tee is decided by a coin toss.  All matches are played under the current rules of golf including any current local rules. All senior matches are off yellow tees & all ladies matches are off the red tees


It is the responsibility of both players/teams to arrange a date for the match to be played and it is advised that both players/teamstake the initiative to arrange the match as early as possible.  It is important for both players/teams to afford ample time to complete the fixture so the latest time for starting shall be three hours before sunset.  If players are unable to agree a convenient date to play it is assumed that the match will take place at 5.00pm on the last available playing date for that round. If a player or players do not present themselves at the first tee by 5.00pm on that date such persons will be disqualified from the competition.  Tee times may be booked up to 14 days in advance for ties by contacting the pro shop or the match committee.

Matches will commence at the 1st tee. 

For singles matchplay, course handicap is used and full difference applies.

For 4BBB matchplay, course handicap is used and 90% from the low player applies.

In the event of a tie after 18 holes, play will recommence at the 1st hole on a sudden death basis, with the handicap allowance repeated at the holes indicated by the stroke index.  If sudden death play is not possible due to time constraints or light issues, another 18 holes will be played at a later date (before the deadline date for the round).


All matches in each round must be played and the name of the winner entered for the next round on the draw sheet on or before the specified date as failure to decide a match before the specified date may result in both players/sides being disqualified. Note: This will be strictly enforced as per recent years.  All queries or disputes are to be referred to the Club Match Committee who can only be contacted at:

Club Matchplay ties have priority over casual games on the course. Casual players should invite matches to play through.

All Matchplay finals must be played on Finals Day as outlined inthe fixtures. Any member in more than one final must play one final on Finals Day and the other by arrangement no more than 1 week after Finals Day. Any match played after the notified date will be considered null and void and result in disqualification from the competition.  


*Only in exceptional circumstances will the deadline date be extended…for example, the course being closed for extreme weather.  Exceptional circumstances do not include competitors being on holiday by the time contact is made to arrange a tie.


Match Committee

30th May 2021