Score cards and PSI update






From Saturday 15th May we will resume use of the PSI screen for sign in and score entry for competitions.

The option for individuals to use their smartphone to sign in and enter scores on the HDID app is still available.

Due to the HDID app being new for most people this season, the PSI screen not being available and the confusion caused by the new WHS, a degree leniency has been applied regarding scorecard completion with most inconsistencies being allowed. Now that we have had a few weeks to get used things, we will now be following the rules correctly. 

It is the responsibility of all players to return a scorecard and to enter a score electronically using either the PSI screen or the smartphone app. Scorecards must have, as a minimum, the player’s name, course handicap and player’s signature. Failure to provide the minimum requirements will result in disqualification under rule 3.3b. Until further notice, there is no need for a marker’s signature on your card due to coronavirus considerations.

It helps with any scoring issues if the date and tee time are on the card along with the competition name.

If he clubhouse is closed when you round ends, you can deposit your card in the appropriate box at the clubhouse entrance.  In this case, not entering a score in PSI is acceptable. The clubhouse should always be open for sign in purposes.



14th May 2021