competition update new 2/4





WHS & Competitions

We will get underway this weekend with the new World Handicap System (WHS) in place.  This system was introduced to standardise handicaps worldwide.  The main changes are:

Your handicap index is now an average of the best 8 scores achieved in your last 20 valid scores.

Any round can count for your handicap as long as certain criteria are met.

Your handicap can change depending on the course and type of event you are playing in.


To facilitate this change, all golf courses (and sets of tees within courses) have been rated and “slope” rated to establish a level of difficulty and that rating will be visible at any course you visit.  Using your Handicap Index and these ratings, you can then establish your “course handicap” for that course and your “playing” handicap should you be participating in a competition.  At Colville Park we are using Club V1 software and when playing in our competitions, your course and playing handicaps will be calculated automatically when you sign in (assuming you have a handicap index).  Main thing to remember is that you must still record your handicap on your scorecard and that it is your “Course” Handicap you record.  Even if you are using the Howdidido app on your phone to sign in and enter your score, you must still sign and return your scorecard.  All singles competitions will be configured to allow the use of the howdidido app.  For those who do not have access to the howdidido app, the process will be as it was last season until the clubhouse facilities are available…sign in at the door and put a scorecard in a box after your round and the committee will arrange score input.

We will use the opening pro sweeps to look how the new handicaps affect our normal spread of the divisions within the competitions.

A more comprehensive explanation of the WHS will be put on the website in the next week or so.  For members to submit a general play round for handicap purposes, a rated course must be available and this usually means a very limited number of temporary greens and/or tees.  Any member who does not have a CDH number should contact the match committee to have that situation resolved as a CDH number is necessary to access the Scottish Golf app for general play score input.

Here’s hoping we have a good season with as little interruption as possible.

Match Committee

1st April 2021