Covid rules update 29/3/21-IMPORTANT

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Dear Member

New essential guidance to playing restrictions

Each individual player must report to the starter at the club door

Strictly no entrance to the clubhouse!

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your tee time and leave the club immediately after you have completed your round  

No sweep tins to be handled or left with the professional shop.

Changes to number of games permitted from Friday 2nd April 2021 


The latest set of government rules have been released, we I feel we have been very fortunate this time around to be playing golf. I would urge all large groups and sweeps to continue to social distance and not congregate around the 1st tee or clubhouse area.The rules may not suit everyone, but to try and manage the limited tee spaces we have .

Further to the first ministers update on outdoor non contact sport. The Scottish Golf Union has permitted groups of 4 golfers from Friday 12th March. The booking sheets have been adjusted online to allow 4 balls.  Remember you can only join a group if the lead name permits. To remove your name you simply press the red x on the daily sheet , anyone having trouble can contact the professional shop for assistance on 01698 265779. All correct names of the group must be on the booking sheet before play. Please ensure that only one group (4 players) is ever at any tee or green at any given time. 

The week starts on Monday!

Monday to Sunday all category's are permitted to play 1 round per day 

Booking 8 days in advance at 6pm remains in place.

ALL Saturday competitions will open 6 days (Sunday) before online at 1pm

Failure to cancel a time or no show for your tee time could result in a 1 week ban. When booking Please don’t join another game without his or her permission.

Any extra bookings or abuse of rules will result in a one week ban from the golf course.

As we follow Scottish Government and Scottish Golf rules and today we were reminded that travel no more than 5 miles out with your local authority is what is allowed for exercise (golf) and this applies to members and members' guests and we must comply with track and trace requirements and the need to pre-book. 

We will not be allowing visitors at this time but members’ guests will continue to be accepted (must be booked).  As the daylight hours become longer we will constantly be adding times to the booking system .  As of Wednesday March 17th, twilight golf will be times after 3pm.  Current playing restrictions can be found on the website.
The clubhouse, locker rooms and toilets remain closed and booking in will still take place at the clubhouse entrance.  Can we ask all members to be mindful of the behaviours we must display while we are on and around the golf course….Social distancing, wearing face coverings, not touching flagsticks and please arrive at the appropriate time and leave as soon as your round is complete.

 I hope we can return to some normality soon, but in the meantime stay safe and enjoy the 2021 season.